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I've discovered these strange bubbles on top of my tanks. They look and
feel almost exactly like soap suds. They first showed up almost a week
ago in the planted 40 in my living room, oddly enough only in the half
closest to my HOT Aquaclear power filter. Just this morning I discovered
them in the 20-gallon high in my bedroom, clinging to some plastic plants
floating around (no live plants in that tank--not enough light). The 20
houses a betta, but the bubbles don't look like a bubblenest to
me--they're too spread out all around the tank. The 40 doesn't have any
fish in it right now, just five Amano shrimp. I've heard that excess
ammonia can cause those suds, but the Amanos look OK so it can't be
that... I don't see any little insects hopping around, either. No CO2 on
either tank. The only equipment that I use on both tanks is allowed to
dry 24 hours between uses. Any ideas? It doesn't seem to be hurting
anything, but I'm just curious.

Thanks! :-)

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