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RE: SEVERE algae problem - HELP!


I once had a problem with algae, mostly caused by a poor PO4 test kit.  I
found the PO4 kit that you are using to worse than useless.  Using a Lamotte
kit I have learned to control my macro's, which now amounts to adding small
amounts of PO4 twice a week along with K2SO4..  Prior to having reliable
test kits I was dosing KNO3 trying to complement what I thought was a high
PO4 level.  Come to find out my tank had low to non-existent P04 levels.  I
have a high fish load, which keeps my NO3 level at around 10-15 ppm
constantly.  I don't propose to know anything more about your situation, our
tanks are dissimilar, but I do know that an inexpensive test kit providing
the wrong information was worse than not have any information at all.

Naples, Florida