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Re: Odd Shaped Tank

>HOT filters are out, obviously. It has a UGF but I was
>wondering if there are any other options?....I don't
>think so, but it's worth asking you guys. If he has to
>use UGF, what is the best way to drive it without off
>gassing all of the CO2? 

A UGF when run with a powerhead does not cause much surface agitation if
you adjust the powerhead so as to minimize it. In my planted tanks, the
best thing I ever did (for the plants, that is) was to completely disable
the UGFs. I just turned them off and left them off. I started that by
accident when one of the powerheads just died one day, but after a few
weeks like that I switched over a few other tanks too. The improvement in
"plant happiness" (growth/color/foliage) all improved very noticeably after
the UGFs were shut down. I think a canister filter would be the best bet
for your tank. Leave the UGF out of the setup or just buried.

>After some argument, we've decided a halogen pendant
>is the way to go, light wise. What is the cheapest
>reliable way to power those guys? Anyone have any
>advice/caution about halogen? My 1st choice is PC's
>but it looks like that may be impossible. Other
>lighting suggestions?

I think you mean MH (Metal Halide). Halogen is too low a color temp (3600K
and below), and produces a *lot* of heat for the light you get. For a 35
gallon tank the smallest common MH (175w) is probably a bit big but may be
your best option. You could run an open top tank and keep the light higher
above it to lower the light level in the tank a bit, and you'd get all the
good things that open tops provide too.

BTW, you can get PCF pendants too, but they tend to be either high wattage
and very rectangular, or low wattage and square. They aren't as directional
as MH pendantes either.


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