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Re: SEVERE algae problem - HELP!

I don't mean to argue, but I have two comments about these comments.

>a) Fertilizer is bunk. I add the "daily dosage" of natural gold, but only
>once a week, during the water change (1/3 volume). Some of my aquarium don't
>get fertilizer at all. They still grow like mad, pearl bubbles all day long,
>and all the plants have great color. Not a shred of alqae disturbs any of my

This depends largely on what your water does and doesn't have in it and the
fish load you have.  Some people need to dose, some do not.  Part of the
fun is finding out which category you are in.

>d) Don't use tap water if you have an easily accessable source of
>RO/distilled water

If you use only distilled/RO water you will have no buffering cpacity.  If
you have no buffering capacity you will problems like I do not wish to
describe.  Cutting problem water with RO water is a good idea, but using
straight RO only . . . well I wouldn't want to try and deal with that
Good luck.

J Smith
BBA Farmer Extraordinaire!