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algae observations

A few observations on a recent algae infestation:

Two months ago,  I started a 135gal from scratch. 
4x96w CF, co2 (2 bub/sec).  Put in a goodly amount of
plants, but left much of it bare due to starting a
glosso foreground.

I had massive amount of green stringy algae, which I
removed daily by hand and fed to my couple Amer. Flag
Fish in a different tank.

I put one adult SAE in the tank.  No shrimp, o'cat, or
anything else.  Bunch of multiplying snails however.

5 adult discus call this tank home.  N and P solely
from their food/waste.  Micros from TMG.

Just recently, about a week ago, the algae started
slowing down.  And it seemed like the plants began
growing faster.  As of today, there is hardly a trace
of algae.  Exactly as I suspected.  Just give it time,
and it will go away.  No hand-wringing, no messing
with this parameter or that parameter.  No searching
for herbivores or 30 o'cats.  It just plain went away.

Take heart, ye who suffer from algae.  Algae is fun! 
And even if ye cannot abide its company, it will soon
disappear if you keep the plants healthy.


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