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Odd Shaped Tank

Hey all,

My friend has obtained a very odd looking tank from
his parents. Of course, he has seen my "plant" tanks,
and leafed through Amano and he wants one too. It is
octagonal and is wider at the top than at the bottom
(thanks mom and dad...). I'm guessing it is about 35
gallons and I need some advice:

HOT filters are out, obviously. It has a UGF but I was
wondering if there are any other options?....I don't
think so, but it's worth asking you guys. If he has to
use UGF, what is the best way to drive it without off
gassing all of the CO2? 

After some argument, we've decided a halogen pendant
is the way to go, light wise. What is the cheapest
reliable way to power those guys? Anyone have any
advice/caution about halogen? My 1st choice is PC's
but it looks like that may be impossible. Other
lighting suggestions?

Thanks a ton,
John Wheeler

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