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Greetings all! I posted for assistance on a tank for a Biology classroom I 
was working on a couple of months ago.  I wanted to take a moment and give 
props.  Kudos to Don Lee and his wife from Rockford Illinois.  He was the 
only one who responded to the posting and he came through in a big way with 
plants, fish, and equipment.  Also, while I am on the good job trip, I give 
Kudos to Big Al's Online for having prompt customer service and for giving 
me a killer price on an Eheim.  I know that topic has gone around this group 
already, but they treated me really well and for that I give public praise.  
I am not associated with the company outside of being a happy customer (just 
so you know!).  Thanks again and I hope everyone has a great day!

Mike Wright

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