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Re: SAE Problem

Tony wrote:

> Seems to me the principal fault in this instance is the length of time their
> bag was''floated''.
> At least if it's going to take 40 minutes, open the bag and let it float.
> The procedure should have been 10 minutes floating with bag closed, and then
> acclimatization over another 20 minutes-half an hour.

My procedure is:

1) Float the bag for 5 or 10 minutes unopened.

2) Open the bag, pour out (into the sink) about half the water 
(being sure to leave an acceptable amount of water for the fish 
in the bag) and continue to float the bag in the tank. 

3) Every 5 minutes or so, add some more tank water to the bag
Depending on the water properties the fish were coming from, I 
continue this so that the total time is anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes.

By the time I'm done, the bag should be about 1/2 tank water, and 1/2
fish store water.   

Then I net the fish out of the bag, and add them to the tank.

When I buy fish, if I know they are going to be in the bag for
an extended amount of time (long drive home, etc), then I request
a larger bag, and more water than normal.

Chuck Gadd