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Re: SAE Problem, Update/more data

I'm curious what your pH is from the tap. Your buffering capacity (KH) 
seems low. I would bring it up to at least 4. This can be done using baking 
soda, but I've also heard good things about SeaChem's products for 
adjusting the KH/pH. Somebody else will have to chime in on these, as I've 
never used them. Since I do very small water changes and not as frequently 
as I should, a little piece of nylon stocking holding crushed coral in the 
filters seems to work fine in preventing a pH crash. I also use DIY CO2 
system, so this further decreases the risk of anything TOO horrible 
happening. The pH from our tap is around 8.0 or sometimes higher, while the 
GH and KH fluctuates anywhere from undetectable to 6 dH. With the CO2 and 
crushed coral, the pH holds fairly steady at about 6.8 (before a water 

You also might want to slow down the CO2 to 1 bubble for every two seconds 
or more. I think even Amano keeps the rate at once every three seconds. The 
other fish in your tank may have just gotten used to the conditions of your 
tank. It sounds like the SAE went into major shock. Remember that not only 
do you have to let the temperature adjust, but you also have to slowly get 
the new fish used to the water in your tank by trickling small portions 
into the bag.



>Today, while reading my own posting, I realized that I omitted information 
>regarding the water chemistry of my tank. As this information may be 
>crucial to diagnose the problem that I am experiencing, here it is:
>pH - 6.0
>KH - 2 dKH (35.8 ppmKH)
>GH - 4dKH (71.6 ppmGH)
>Ammonia - 0 ppm
>Nitrite - 0 ppm
>Nitrate - 0 ppm
>Other info:
>Tank : 43 gal. tank
>CO2: CO2 injection system (aprox 1 or 2 bubbles per sec.)
>Substrate: Fluorite
>Lighting: 1x96 AH bright kit (aprox 2.23 watts per gal.)
>Fertilization: Flourish once a week
>Filtration: Eheim 2215
>Then, while searching for answers, I was looking at the "Determination of 
>the CO2 Content in your aquarium water" chart on page 11 of Ines 
>Scheurmann's "Aquarium Plants Manual", I realized that (if I'm reading the 
>chart correctly) my pH and KH readings bring me to conclude that the CO2 
>content in my tank is 59, which, in the mentioned chart, is indicated to 
>be too high for fish.
>Am I reading the chart correctly?
>Could this be the problem? (If it is, what confuses me is that the other 
>fish, namely Cory cats, molly and ottos, are doing fairly ok)
>How should I fix the problem?, should I just lower the bubble rate on my 
>CO2? (I didn't think 1 or 2 bubbles per sec. was too much)