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Re: Low light experiment

> Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2001 17:08:29 -0700
> From: Susi Barber <wanderer35 at pacificcoast_net>
> Subject: Re:   Low light experiment
> Hi Tom,
> I've managed to grow quite a wide range of plants in very low lighting, and
> I find that I am dosing now, per gallon, as much as in medium light tanks -
> the plants seem to adapt to lower light okay, if everything else is there
> for them, and you don't have to stick to crypts, anubias or valisnera.
> >I've often said and many others have as well that one needs the high
> >lighting to remove much of the nutrients. Low lighting is not enough etc.
> >My lighting is PC's but they are at less than 1 watt per gallon. I had a 55
> >gallon tank with 2 x 40 watts or about 1.6-1.7 watts a gallon and had the
> >same experience. I dosed it at slightly less than the other high light
> >tanks. Color type of all tanks are similar(5200K and 6700K mixes). I would
> >certainly get bushy denser growth if I had more light.
> So long as you don't try to grow green Cabomba without some additional
> light, eg a bit of sunshine on that part of the tank, I find by pruning I
> can get bushy growth, eg in bacopa, hygrophila, ludwigea palustris, and the
> micranthemums, micranthemoides and umbrosum.  Have just got some ludwigia
> inclinata as a "red" plant, and some didiplis diandra, will see how they go
> in my med light tanks.  My ozelots have sent out several flower stalks,
> getting ready to divide off a couple of plantlets, one set in a low light
> tank, the other in a medium light tank, so they must be happy!
> >But my point is that algae doesn't appear at low light levels even if you
> >keep the nutrient levels the same as the high light tanks.
> I rarely have algae in my low light tanks, almost never, apart from a bit of
> green spot sometimes on anubia leaves - I do get a bit of green water
> occasionally in my highest light tank, and some hair algae from time to time
> in another, 
> >Also, there's not a herbivore in the tank
> >except for perhaps 6 -10 ramshorn snails.
> That's all I have in mine - way too many now, luckily I found another shop
> that will take them!  except some Otos and now 3 albino corys in the 80 gal,
> gee those guys zoom around!
> Kind regards,
> Susi

I am very glad to see that other people also realize that you do NOT need 2 watt/gal to grow plants.

I have 66 gal with 60 watt of light, and i grow many plants.

With many Thanks

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