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SAE Problem, Update/more data

Good morning everyone,

>>>>>>>Last night I wrote (please skip if you read my previous posting):
	this morning I bought 3 SAE to incorporate to my algae eating crew. I went straight from the LFS to my house (10-15 minutes) and let the bag float in my tank for about 40 minutes to make the water temperature even. The fish seemed to be doing fine while in the bag, but after a few minutes in the tank they stopped swimming straight, 2 of them just lied on their sides (almost bellies up) on my plants and the third was almost immobile vertically at the surface (like grasping air from the
surface) supported by the roots of a floating plant, from time to time this one made what look an attempt to jump out of the water but he was too week and disoriented to actually do it. Honestly they looked as if they were dying. I watched them for about an hour under the same circumstances and then I had to leave because I was late for work. I don't even know if they died or not because I am still at the office. I thought the rest of the fish population was doing fine (2 mollies, a few ottos
and 2 Cory cats), now that I think about it, the ottos and the Cory cats in my tank seem slower and lazier than others of the same kind that I have seen in other tanks, but then again, I might be just paranoid at this point. I would appreciate your thoughts regarding what could have caused this reaction on the SAE, something must be very wrong in my tank.<<<<<<<<<<<<

Today, while reading my own posting, I realized that I omitted information regarding the water chemistry of my tank. As this information may be crucial to diagnose the problem that I am experiencing, here it is:

pH - 6.0
KH - 2 dKH (35.8 ppmKH)
GH - 4dKH (71.6 ppmGH)
Ammonia - 0 ppm
Nitrite - 0 ppm
Nitrate - 0 ppm

Other info:
Tank : 43 gal. tank
CO2: CO2 injection system (aprox 1 or 2 bubbles per sec.)
Substrate: Fluorite
Lighting: 1x96 AH bright kit (aprox 2.23 watts per gal.)
Fertilization: Flourish once a week
Filtration: Eheim 2215

Then, while searching for answers, I was looking at the "Determination of the CO2 Content in your aquarium water" chart on page 11 of Ines Scheurmann's "Aquarium Plants Manual", I realized that (if I'm reading the chart correctly) my pH and KH readings bring me to conclude that the CO2 content in my tank is 59, which, in the mentioned chart, is indicated to be too high for fish.

Am I reading the chart correctly?

Could this be the problem? (If it is, what confuses me is that the other fish, namely Cory cats, molly and ottos, are doing fairly ok)

How should I fix the problem?, should I just lower the bubble rate on my CO2? (I didn't think 1 or 2 bubbles per sec. was too much)

By the way, last night when I got home I couldn't find the SAE in my tank (of course the lights were out) but this morning (lights still out but daylight in the room) I saw one of them at the surface but at least not upside-down and it was swimming a little, he seemed a little bit better. I couldn't see the others, probably lost somewhere in the jungle.

I hope some somebody can help me figure this problem out so I can correct it.
I thank  you all in advance for your help and for taking the time to read this.

Have a great day!

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