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Name that nutrient deficiency...

Hello all,

My tank hit a peak a few weeks ago and is now hitting a very, very low 
point.  Growth has practically halted, though nothing has started dying yet.

I don't really keep track of the nutrient levels and stuff in my tank.  I've 
always just stuck to what's worked for me for the past year with this tank 
and never had problems until recently.  Basically, all I've done for a year 
since this tank has been set up is add 1.0 mL of Flourish twice a week.  
There is CO2, 4.8 watts of light per gallon (48 watts on ten gallon), and 

Well basically, the plants' growth tip is stunted and yellow.  The new 
leaves are yellow with yellow veins.

There is eusteralis stellata, pearl grass, and glosso that had previously 
been doing phenomenal until recently.  I suspect an iron deficiency but I've 
been adding extra iron with no results.  Someone suggested to me a nitrogen 
deficiency but with 20 fish in the tank, I never thought it would be a 

Anyone have any ideas?  I would greatly appreciate any help.


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