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Re: Why would a plant moved outside go yellow? nutrients maybe?


I am overgrown with frogbit, but can't bring myself to throw out the excess 
(and yes, I have already supplied all LFSs with the stuff, and try to sell 
some on the Internet regularly), so I filled up the kids' wading pool and 
started pitching it in there.  I thought it would do well, it is in full sun. 
 It is yellowing.  Is it because of a lack of nutrients?  Would the chilly 
nights be the culprit?  I think it is probably a nutrient issue, but don't 
really want to spend a bunch of money on chemicals for "throw away" plants.

Besides the recommendation to "get a grip and pitch the weeds", is there 
anything else I could do that is cheap?  How cold hardy is this plant?