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Re: Riccia

> Conditions in the tank are roughly the same (72 gal tank, pH now 6.7, KH 6,
> CO2 injected, 160 watts fluorescent), but the Riccia is not growing at all.
> It is not dying either. It is just sitting under the mesh and doing
> nothing-i.e. no growth and no pearling. All other plants in the tank are
> thriving.
> Any ideas what might be different, or what I can do to stimulate growth?
> Does Riccia require anything special that could have been expended in the
> tank over the last six months or that my other plants don't require?

It grows extremely well if you have good macro's and enough CO2. Likes K and
P certainly. Will grow in very low NO3's also and is not stunted nearly to
the same degree if your NO3 hit 0.0ppm for a couple of days etc.m It bounces
right back. Many other plants will not.
Tom Barr
> Rob Sirota