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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1308

On the fish side....  I can't believe it!  About a month ago I set up a 
heavily planted 72 gallon community tank with 188 watts of AH CF fixtures. 
Fish load is 7 Discus, 6 FFF, 3 SAEs and 7 Corys.  The largest Discus are 
about 4.5 inches.  Had a movie playing and looked back and the damn things 
were spawning!  I'd noticed them getting dark and shimmying last week and I 
dosed them with fluke tabs...  This week I decided to wait a couple of days 
and it turns out to be courting behavior. Duh,,,,,,,,,,,,,

There are about 50 eggs on the front glass of the bow front.  I hope the 
fish know what they are doing because it's obvious I don't!