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Riccia question

Six months ago I started floating Riccia growing on a rock under a mesh. It
started to grow immediately, grew quickly, pearled right away, and did very
well.  Recently it got away from the mesh and also developed some algae.
Because of this two weeks ago I removed the rock, and replace a small amount
of the Riccia under the mesh and put it back into the tank in the same spot.

Conditions in the tank are roughly the same (72 gal tank, pH now 6.7, KH 6,
CO2 injected, 160 watts fluorescent), but the Riccia is not growing at all.
It is not dying either. It is just sitting under the mesh and doing
nothing-i.e. no growth and no pearling. All other plants in the tank are

Any ideas what might be different, or what I can do to stimulate growth?
Does Riccia require anything special that could have been expended in the
tank over the last six months or that my other plants don't require?

Rob Sirota