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Lawsuit garbage

I'm on another online group getting trouble from a company.

I play with a game called Aquazone (AZ for short). In the game you set up
a virtual fish tank (or tanks lol) and care for it in real time. Shut
down the computer for a day and open the tank again, and a day has gone
by. The fish eat, grow, breed, get sick and die all in real time. The
catch is when they die. Aquazone expects you to go to their website and
PAY to download replacement fish! Some people have tried to circumvent
the problem by trading fish, but Aquazone company started going after
those people. To top it all, they have been promising to release new
updates for years and never have! I don't think you can buy AZ in the
stores anymore, only on discount online stores and Ebay. So far nobody
has gotton actually sued, but some people who offered fish for download
on their sites got their sites taken down. :-(

All this may sound bad, but I can assure you that the game itself is
GREAT!!! I'm TOTALLY ADDICTED!!! One of my main complaints, though, is
the lack of emphasis on plants. You add the plants, but they don't
grow/die/reproduce/age/whatever. They do remove nutrients and add O2 but
that's it. The fish, on the other hand, do
grow/die/reproduce/age/whatever! Except for the plants, the game is very
realistic. There's an update for guppies that you can cross breed to
create different color varieties. And you can create custom decorations
and backdrops for your tanks.

Oh, yes, I am proud to say that I do not work for and am not affiliated
with AZ lol.


Oh, was this off topic? Sorry.
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