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Re: Hair algae

>You can remove as much of the
>hair algae as you can, then add a school of young Rosey Barbs.  American
>Flag fish work, too.  Both of these fish can behave badly.  Flag fish
>have been discussed at length on this list and the results are in the

I've used American Flag Fish (Florida Flag Fish) against hair algae and saw 
almost immediate results as they went after the hair algae.  I keep them in 
a very mixed population of guppies, mollies and such in a well planted 
aquarium.  I never saw a problem.  I really can't help but feel that the 
hype of them being fin nippers was a little overblown.  I got my Flagfish 
from floridadriftwood.com

I've kept rosy barbs too, but have seen little personal evidence that they 
care for hair algae.  Just my opinion.

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