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Re: Rosey Barbs (was Hair Algae)

Rosey Barbs are great for hair algae, but I've never been able to keep them
with other fish. Right now I've got them in a 50gal tank with lots of apple
snails and lots of valisnaria. The tank is in front of my nordic track. They
provide the motivation for a good workout:-) They are constantly moving
about swimming in and around the vals at top speed, all day long.
Augustine Rodriguez
Rice Lake, WI USA

> Rosey Barbs are voracious little fish, but they're also busy
> fin-nippers.  Keeping them in a good-sized school (say 6 or so) may
> reduce their tendency to trim the fins off other fish.  You may want to
> make sure you can unload them after they do their job.  I recall that
> you have a fairly high fish load even without adding some to eat the
> hair algae.