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RE: hexifold

I know it seems that that would be logical, and I'm sure you can buy an
adapter of some sort, but the hexifold only comes with a screw-in deal that
fits right into the solenoid. Then, in my case, the solenoid screwed right
into the regulator. I guess some folks have it where their solenoid and
regulator are only connected with regular airline tubing and then checkvalve
could go there, you're absolutely right about that. That would surely be
allot cheaper but it depends upon the set up you have. The M3 deluxe kit is
designed to be all screwed together leaving no where for a single checkvalve
to go (pre hexifold). Unless there's a screw-in valve out there.
Kurt N.

Douglas Guynn wrote:
"Actually you don't need but one check valve. It should go between the
regulator and the manifold. You will need six bubble counters."

> I also use the hexifold and
> love it. (The needle valves that come with it are the good ones). One
> though, you'll need to invest in six bubble counters and possibly six
> checkvalves too
> Sincerely,
> Kurt N.