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Re: R/O and Duplagan water conditioner 2

"Maybe Duplagan should also be added to the reverse osmosis water since it
does not only remove toxic substances, but also adds trace elements?"

Who says that it removes anything toxic from your water? Dupla doesn't make
that claim. Reverse Osmosis water shouldn't have anything toxic in it that
should have to be removed. If you suspect toxic substances in your water,
check with your water utility - they are required by law in most places to
treat water so that nothing toxic comes out of your tap.

There is an analysis of Duplagan archived on the KRIB - the only thing it
adds in any real amount that is a "mineral" is Mg, its main purpose is to
add colloids and tannins to the water.

If you are using R/O to dilute hard tapwater I don't think you need worry
about adding anything to the portion of water which is coming from your R/O
unit, just treat the tapwater. And I don't think that Duplagan is a
treatment for chlorine/chloramine - you would need another product for that
if your water it treated with chlorine/chloramine.

James Purchase