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cheap copper treatment

I have a 400 gal pond with a red and hair algae problem. I'd like to 
experiment with copper as a possible treatment but really hate to use/pay for 
those little aquarium size bottles with this volume of water to treat 
repeatedly. Anybody want to venture an opinion as to the suitability of 
horticultural copper i.e. liquid copper fungicide as a replacement or 
substitute for the ionic copper treatment commonly used on fish for this 

The bottle of Sunniland liquid copper I use rather infrequently in the yard 
as a fungicide says,"Copper Salts of Fatty & Rosin Acids....48.00%, 
equivalent to copper as metallic...4.00%."  Is copper the same in whatever 
form for this purpose or at least close enough? Remember, no fish are being 
treated here, only aquatic plants in a pond and only for algae. 

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Bob Olesen
west palm beach