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AP NO3 Test Kit

Below is an email exchange with AP regarding their new Nitrate test kit.
With this information, I can now retract what I said earlier about it
reading low in comparison to the LaMotte. It's accurate enough, and for $6
at Petsmart (yeah, I know, I don't usually wander in there) it's a great
tool for a bargain price. No affiliation with any companies mentioned, etc.



Message text written by "Tom Wood"
When you say hold the testube "against" the white part of the color chart,
do you mean that it should be touching the surface of the chart, or should
be held just above it? The color reading changes dramatically if the
testube touches the surface when I use the Nitrate #LR1800 kit.


The tube should be touching the white surface of the chart.  The color
should be read viewing through the side of the tube while looking straight
into the chart.
Marcus Smith