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Re: bubbly stuff

Sounds like snail eggs. Snails lay their eggs in little gooey masses that
appear semi-crystalline (at least to me :-) and will stay stuck to the
glass even if the water level drops below them during a water change. I get
these all the time on the tank glass and inside of filters (where clowns
can't get at them).

If you want the snails to hatch you might need to protect the egg mass from
your fish since some fish will eat them.


>I have this bubbly stuff on the back wall on my fish tank.  It actually
>looks like clear silicone with tinny air bubble in it.  It measures about
>1/2" to 1" in length.
>I don't know what its form but I think it may be eggs from my snail.  Anyone
>ever have anything like this?
>Dave Berryman

Waveform Technology
UNIX Systems Administrator