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Re: Plants available

Hey Don!

Thanks for thinking of me - I was recently at Jeff Kropp's to do some tank 
photography. He had a nice crop of Marsilea going, so I left with a small 
patch and am watching it spread in a 20 gallon. Beautiful plant, 
less-demanding alternative to voracious Glosso, which really needs to be 
cordoned off in some cases ;-)

Look forward to seeing your tank!

Erik Leung
chat: #aquaria on irc xnet

Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2001 15:38:25 +0000
From: "D. Duterte" <d0ndee at hotmail_com>
Subject: Plants available

Hey everyone,

Now that I've taken a picture of my aquarium for the AGA Contest I've done a 
major hacking of the plants. I have available:

HUGE amount of Java Fern (both the small leafed variety and Windelov
variety) Marsilea drummondii (::paging Eric Leung:: you've got first dibs on 
this plant. Please email me.) Riccia fluitans.

E-mail me offline if you want to trade for or buy this stuff.


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