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Increasing population

This is slightly off topic but I don't care.  I was doing a water change 
today and noticed unusual movement in my 55 gallon tank.  The only thing in 
that tank is a small school of Red Rasboras (Harlequin Fish), three or four 
Siamese Algae Eaters and two old Zebras.  It seems the Rasboras are 
increasing in number.  There appear to be three different spawnings judging 
by the size of the little ones.  The smallest can't be more than 7-10 days 

The tank is overgrown with swords and duckweed with some other plants 
thrown in.  Small amount of injected CO2 and no filtration.  Lots of snails 
and no algae.  The only other spawnings I've had were Dwarf Cichlids (also 
accidentally) over 30 years ago.  Neat.