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CO2 warning

Thinking a CO2 tank was the way to go (after months of using DIY yeast
mixes), I stumbled on a used 5# tank with a Dupla valve at a LFS.  $75 I
thought was a bargain.  It still had gas in it.  Hooked it up real nice
and had a nice steady stream of CO2 going, holding the pH steady; plants
doing well.

Then one day it just quits--time to get a refill.  Only one place in
this town has CO2.  They check the date on the tank--say "We can't
refill it until it's tested. CO2 tanks have to be tested every 5 years".
And they can't test it, have to send it away, truck doesn't come till
next wednesday, and it will take 2 weeks to get it back!  OK, OK, so be
it. I guess if I have to, I can wait 18 days.  What's the alternative?
I just hope my plants and fish can handle it.  

And they did, and the 18 days pass and I call and "Sorry but the truck
didn't come this week--try back next wednesday."  7 more days pass.  I
call, it's in.  They fill it for me.  $30 for test and fill.  I get it
home. Guess what?  The Dupla valve doesn't fit anymore.  What's going
on?  I take it back to the gas guys.  Seems the testing place switched
tank valves on me (They take the valve off to test only the tank).  So
now, after waiting almost a month, I have a full tank of CO2 I can't

At the moment they are looking for my valve.  I don't hold out much
hope.  It was probably attached to some other tank being tested and is
who knows where.

Thought I would share this tale of woe so that others might be better
prepared.  If your tank has to go away for testing, mark the valve as
well as the tank, so the two can be re-wed.  And beware incompetence!

Jim Kennedy