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Shipping stems

Hey all,

Naomi, in your last post you mentioned being sceptical
about ordering stem plants to be shipped. Don't be! I
hope this isn't a common fear. While they *may* come
in in poor shape, if your tank conditions are even
close they should spring back to life in short order.
B. monnieri is a fleshy, tough plant, and most any you
will buy from an on-line or mail source will have been
grown emerse. So, that growth is going to die off and
be replaced anyhow. Any more delicate plants you want
will come in a *little* rough. Float them for a few
days/weeks. Cut off the jive, and plant the good
stuff. Easy, cheap, and convenient! 

There are several very reputable on-line sources that
will send you quality plants. And, IMHO, they have
made people like ours lives alot easier because now we
don't have to drive from state to state hoping to get
the plants we want. Also, they have the convenience of
not having to maintain a storefront so cost will be
down. win/win 

John Wheeler

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