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Re: Securing 37 gal Tank

On Thu, 20 Sep 2001, Jennifer wrote:
> I have a 37 gal tank on a iron stand and two small children.  My husband
> caught the 2 yr. old hanging from the stand yesterday and it almost gave him
> a heart attack. In addition to teaching the kids to stay away from the tank
> and praying that they listen is there anything I can do to increase the
> safety of the setup?  Does anyone have any advice on securing a stand to the
> wall?  Are iron stands a particular problem? I'd rather not replace the
> stand but will do so if necessary.

I raised 3 kids past the tank-swinging age without serious problems.  I
don't think any of them did it more than once because of the panicked
reaction and the scolding they got.  But I would still occasionally catch
visiting friends or cousins trying to swing from it.

The tank swinging all stopped when I filled the space under the tank so
the kids couldn't go there anymore.  My iron stand is an over-and-under
design, with a rack for a tank near normal viewing level and another rack
just a couple inches off the floor. I put a paludarium on the lower level.  
You could do the same thing just by putting a box or some such thing below
the tank.

Roger Miller