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RE: BBA / Lighting

Tom Barr Wrote:

>Something about this is causing a problem I would think. BBA tends to be
>rare in CO2(gas tank) enriched tanks. It's not set up right, not mixing
>right, etc.

Okay, so making a better CO2 reactor should help.  Maybe what I have isn't
BBA?  Anyone have a good picture of it to compare with?  (It is BBA from the
descriptions I read on The Krib, but a picture is worth...)

>That would one of the last items I would worry about. CO2 and NO3. Then a
>good trim to remove the rest of it and add some SAE's.  Do that, and you'll
>never see the BBA again.

So, if it turns out my NO3 is really low, (<3-4?), adding some should help?
I will certainly get the SAEs as soon as aquariumfish.net resumes shipping.

Right now, algae control might have to move to the lower end of the priority
list though -- last night I found that my A. aggasizzi had spawned on the
leaf of one of the aforementioned "amazon trees" I was going to remove!
Both the male and female are viciously guarding their clutch from the other
fish in the tank.  My plan is to allow the eggs to hatch and then remove
some of the fry into a separate tank.

Thanks again, Tom, for all your help.