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Insect control

For both or either (well whichever) I would suggest
cutting off all floating leaves from your plants and
introducing some surface dwelling hatchetfish or
killifish.This would do 2 things-get rid of your
insect problem and give you some desireable fish to
trade at your next club meeting.

Hatchetfish/Killies+copious amounts of small
insects=breeding activity+TLC=fish for trade at LFS or
Club Meetings.

Tokyo Japan

I was doing a water change and noticed what looked
like a swarm of 
that you see right when you pour a soda.  I looked
closely, and they 
are a
thousand million little INSECTS living on the surface
of my tank!  They
range from pale brown to pale red, are about 0.5 mm
long, and jump 
across the water surface.  Ugh.  It's disgusting. 
What are they?  How 
do I
get rid of them!?!

Recent changes to the tank - addition of some plants
~4 wks ago.  
of washed Flourite ~2 wks ago.  No other changes.

If they jump, they are springtails, Order Collembola,
and, in my
experience, they do no harm to aquatic plants.  They
feed on algae at 
surface and on the sides of the tank just above the
water surface.

Aphids do not jump and are very slow-moving.  they can
be reddish to
brownish, but they are rounder than springtails. 
Aphids can be a 
for keepers of aquatic plants.  They feed on any parts
of aquatic 
that contact the water surface.

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