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Re: BBA/lighting

> Thanks for the insight on the effects of color temperature.  Is it worth it,
> however, to replace the two 55 watt 9320 K bulbs with 2 6700 K bulbs from AH
> Supply?  I did look through the archives, but didn't find anything about
> color temp and algae.

I'd just use them till they die. Then get new 5000K/6700K's.

> Actually no, not DIY...  Tank specifics are:
> 60 gal tank w/ pressurized CO2 diffusing through a M3 J-diffuser (like the
> Eheim one)

Something about this is causing a problem I would think. BBA tends to be
rare in CO2(gas tank) enriched tanks. It's not set up right, not mixing
right, etc.

> 110 watts 9320 K PC + 96 watts 6700 K (3.4 watts/gal)
> pH 6.4-6.8 
> KH / GH: 6 / 5
> Nitrate less than 10?  (need new kit)
> I am ordering some new test kits, and I think that I will be replacing the
> J-diffuser with a DIY CO2 reactor and power head.  I think most of the BBA
> resulted after I removed a lot of the fast growers (H. polysperma).  I think
> I am going to pull up some of my swords (big like trees...) and replace with
> some fast growing stem plants.

That will help certainly.

> I am ordering the ingredients for PMDD from homegrown hydroponics today.  I
> might see if I can get some phosphate too -- that could be limited I think.
> Think I should add some?

That would one of the last items I would worry about. CO2 and NO3. Then a
good trim to remove the rest of it and add some SAE's.  Do that, and you'll
never see the BBA again.
Tom Barr
> Thanks for the help, and any other comments/advice appreciated.