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Selective Thermal Damage?

Due to trout  fishing, lack of observation, and a defective heater / 
thermostat, one of my tanks reached 85 degrees, and had probably been that 
warm for about a week.  the temp is now back to 77degrees,  but my Dwarf 
Amazon Swords now are doing poorly while everything else in the tank seems to 
continue to flourish.  The other plants include Crypts, Anubias, 
Valllisneria, Anacharis, Wisteria and magically multiplying duckweed. When I  
first planted the Swords back in February, they shortly attempted to take 
over the world.  The original plants sprouted densely and sent runners 
completely around the periphery of the 15 Gal Tank  The swords display 
classic signs of iron / trace element deficiency despite the fact that I have 
increased PMDD dosing significantly. Fe is probably in the .4-.5 range.  GH 
is very high, probably around 18-20  while KH  hovers in the 4-5 range.  
Nitrates around 20 ppm.  PH is 6.9.  Substrate is Flourite over Kitty Litter 
laced with Jobes fragments.  Tank was established last January.  No trace of 
Algae of any kind

I have also Jobed  the Swords lavishly to no avail.  Could I have injured the 
Swords permanently by overheating or do I have something else out of whack?