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Re: Bacopa myriophylloides

 >>It's emmersed growth. Submersed grow will be very fine needled.
Stunts pretty easily but does grow well for a period of time.
Got to be careful on the nutrient supply.<<

UGH - I was afraid of this. Living in the SF Bay Area, our water is 
extremely lean. I'm also really sparing with fertilizers.

 >> A similar form plant that is far better suited is Lagarosiphon
madagascarensis (the stuff Amano calls it, not Baensch) is like the
submersed growth somewhat or Mayaca also.<<

Mayaca fluviatilis? I've been wondering if it's the same as Tonina 
fluviatilis, which I've read is very difficult to grow. I have Nature 
Aquarium World Book One. Is there a photo of this L. madagascarensis 
anywhere in it?

What I liked about this B. myrio was that it had *short* needles and it 
looked cute. I should have realized that my find was too good to be true. 
Are there any stem plants out there that grow excruciatingly slowly? I 
really don't care to prune constantly. Also, I only have 5" to work with 
vertically. Seems like the only plants that stay this short are rosettes. 
The L. cardinalis is working out great mainly because of its extremely slow 
growth. I realize that part of my problem is the CO2 injection, but I want 
to keep it going in this tank.

Thanks, Paul and Tom! I'm grateful for your replies. I hope I can get some 
more plant suggestions for this tiny tank. I may transfer some crypt 
(wendtii?) from another tank for some color contrast. But again, another 
rosette... Need something really different since I probably won't be able 
to keep the Bacopa alive. Thanks so much!

-Naomi :o)