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Re: Christmas Moss

">>I heard from a source that the christmas moss is originally
from New Zealand.  Can't confirm if this is true but the source is reliable,
no less a source than Oriental itself..."

"Thats wierd because in an email fromOriental Aquarium, they told me they
never heard of it and they dont sell it."

Don't 'ya just _love_ a good mystery?

I've been in touch with a Bryologist in New Zealand who is connected with a
project to catalogue all the various species of moss found in that country.
He has told me that he would like to look at a sample of it, and that, at
the very least, he should be able to say if it is a species which is found
in New Zealand. I'm going to be sending it off to him within a few weeks.

Having a better idea of where the original sample came from should help
narrow down the possibilities of genera/species.

James Purchase