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Phosphate Source Needed

Can anyone tell me a source for phosphate?  I looked
in the archives and all I came up with is Seachem's
neutral regulator.  If I had to use that, how much
would be good to start with?

  I've heard that potassium phosphate is the best
thing to use.  Isn't triple phosphate calcium
phosphate?  That's all I've been able to find.  I've
called nurseries, plant stores, pharmacies, and
hardware stores.  No luck at any of them.  One
pharmacy I called said they'd be able to order me one
of 3 forms of potasium phosphate, but I'd have to buy
a pound, which would cost me at least 30 bucks.  I
really can't wait any longer anyway.  

I have a deficiency of P and N, and I don't want to
add my kno3 without the phosphate to back it up.  I
think that's why I'm having such a problem with the
greyish slime I mentioned before.  I think it may be
related to BGA.  

Thanks, Cavan

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