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Latin name for Christmas Moss and my daughter's website

At 3:48 AM +0800 9/18/01, Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:

>Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 09:19:41 -0500
>From: "Radloff, Bree" <BRadloff at cbburnet_com>
>Subject: christmas moss?
>Can anyone tell me the latin name for Christmas Moss?
>I have looked hi and lo, with nary a clue to be found.

Hi, Bree & friends,

Your attention must have been elsewhere when I sent the post
about how the christmas moss got its name.  If you had read
that post, you wouldn't have wasted your time looking hi and lo
for its latin name.  You should have "Hi, Loh" and written to me
instead :)

I will forward the post to you privately.  Can't do it here or James
will jump on me again ;)

I heard from a source that the christmas moss is originally
from New Zealand.  Can't confirm if this is true but the source is reliable,
no less a source than Oriental itself, one of the largest aquatic plant import/
exporters in the world.

I do agree that it's time we move on and stop making political comments
on this mailing list but I can't go without asking you all to pay a visit
to this website.


My daughter created this website a few days ago.  You may not agree
with the things she says there but please bear in mind she's just
a 14 year old teenager.  You know, I have always thought that this daughter
of mine never gives a damn for anything that does not affect her directly but
whaddayya know!!!!  When I saw the website, my first reaction was:  "Hey,
there's hope yet for the Britney Spears wannabee.  Finally, she has done
something which I think is worthwhile."  Please write something in her
guestbook should you go there.  I think, and I hope you will too, that what
she did is worthy of encouragement.

If you follow the links through, you may even be able to put a face to the one
who sent you the moss.

Loh K L