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Re: disciple of Bin Laden

> remotely close to it. I can not think of anything, NOTHING that 
> would be more worth diening for than preventing this from 
> happening again. NOTHING.

Yeah, the question falls back to 
"Can revenge stop suicidal attack and upcoming terrorist attack?"
The answer is very simple, No. 

If you understand the root of the problem, then you will know revenge
certainly bring back more attacks. Bin Laden is more than happy to 
you for bombing him and his allies. 

People are fooled by the broadcast channels that the whole Afghan and
Iraq are fulled of terrorists. All Afghanstains/Iraqi are fierce 
muslims. Bombing will help the world to eradicate them, and hence 
the world will be a better place to live.

The fact is, there are even more innocent citizens living there. There
are no freedom and democracy. They don't even have a chance to 
elect an extremely right winged, aggressive government to influence 
the world. But they have to take the full responsibility of what
their government did. They don't have a channel to express thier 
views freely. They can't tell you that they'd rather stay with/away
with Bin Laden. 

However, if bombing occurs, their lives will be, as those killed in 
New York, be sacrificed to acheive other's goal. There will be crying
mothers desparetly look for their missing kids, children losing their 
parents, husbands trying to dig back his whole family in the 
collapsed buildings. Helpless wounded will slowly die without proper
medication in a ruin-like-hospital. What happened in New york, will 
happen there too, in an even worse way.

Whoever sacrficing other innocent people to acheive their 
goal is the disciple of Bin Laden. 

> The bravest people in all of this were the passengers that tried
> to overtake the hijackers and forced it to crash in a field 
> instead of the White House.

My salute goes to those firefighters and police whose souls'd 
gone to heaven already, but bodies still buried under the WTC. 

Sacrificing their own precious lives to save others are the bravest 
hero. Sacrificing others' lives to achieve their goal, no matter 
how brightly sound it is,  is the lamest coward.

Justice and revenge, which one do you want?

With best regards,

Rickie Leung