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Re: iron testing

Cosmin Mihai wrote:

> I do not test so often for iron. Then two weeks ago I tested and found 0.5
> ppm and four days later I found around 0.25 ppm.
> The test used was made by Hagen and allow to test separately for iron and
> chelated iron. The above results were of course for chelated iron, for
> "free" iron I usually get around zero readings and don,t even test anymore.
> The iron in the water was chelated with DTPA  and EDTA.
> Light is  7 watt per gallon CF and the conditions were a little special -
> the tank was almost compact green because of lacking the time for pruning.

Thanks, Cosmin

And for the rest of you who have made similar observations, this is
exactly the sort of thing I need.

I have a fairly rigorous chemical model of dissolved iron, including
iron-EDTA.  The point is to try to find out what is going on with that
important "free" iron that always reads about zero.  There are a few
aspects of the model that aren't well-quantified yet, and one of those
is just how quickly iron-EDTA breaks down under typical aquarium
conditions, and how that breakdown rate might vary with lighting.

That's what I want your observations for.  Most anything you can give me
will be helpful.  As always, when I have a result I'll let everyone

Roger Miller