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Greyish Slime

After I hooked up my pressurized co2 system to back up
my PCF and T8s, things grew like crazy for a short
while until a phosphate defficiency induced and some
hair algae set in.  I'm not upset about that so much
because I know I'll be able to control it when I get
the macros set.  The problem is this.  Growing around
individual strands of algae and sometimes on leaf tips
is a greyish stuff feels slimy but is easy to remove.
If I rub a leaf with the stuff on it, it comes right
off but leaves the algae strand behind.  When I remove
some, it disintegrates in my fingers.  What the heck
is this?  I don't think it's even algae.  What can I

Thanks, Cavan

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