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Thanks for the support from our friends in other countries

Just want to say thank you to all the supportive comments from members in 
other countries.  I also want to say that all of the citizens of the USA are 
behind the suffering victims and their families in New York and Washington.  
I have a feeling our day is coming for some revenge.  I await that day 
Back to plants...I am currently battling a greenwater problem and will stop 
blackout on Sunday.  Anyone have any ideas to keep it from coming back?  I 
plan on adding nutrients and KNO3 as I have a 3x96 watt setup from AHSupply 
and CO2, and have recently discovered I actually am very nitrate limited.  I 
have ordered some KH2PO4, but fear it will not be coming anytime soon as it 
is coming from Washington.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.  TIA + 
America remains the best place to live in the world!  We will survive!

Don Lee

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