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Re: Fertilizer pump fix...

I have an enteral feeding pump used for force-feeding fluids directly into 
the stomach (a Kangaroo, model number something or the other). It also has 
what I believe to be an optical sensor. This sensor appears to be a small 
black square behind the drip cavity of the drip set, that looks very 
similar to the infrared window on newer model laptops. I have found that if 
the liquid level in the drip cavity is too high or too low, the sensor 
cannot detect the drips. Perhaps adjusting the level might do the trick.

I really like my pump. I have a amber colored one-gallon jug that allows me 
to mix enough PMDD to last a whole week. Between that, the Aquacomp 
aquarium controller that controls the lights, heater, canister filter, and 
feeding schedule, I can sit back and enjoy my little piece of nature all 
week without having to do a thing.

> Everything seems great, except it keeps thinking the fluid
> isn't flowing.  Somehow I need to fool or disconnect the flow meter.  It
> seems that the flow meter is an optical sensor next to the pump head. 
 Can I
> just open it up and disconnect it?  Can I somehow fool it into seeing the
> flow?  Any ideas how this thing works?  Any ideas how to make it work?
> Thanks,
> John