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Thank You from Ground Zero

As someone who has gained much but contributed little to this group I have to say how touched I am by the messages of the last few days.

I was born, raised and live in Manhattan and cannot describe the surrealness in the air. I am thankful to say, amazingly, no one close to me was hurt. The bizarre thing has been the many close calls we have been finding out about.

One friend who works in the building slept through her alarm and was late to work for the first time ever. Another had just sold something on Ebay and was late because he had to go to the post office. Someone else had an interview in one of the towers, and for no reason cancelled it the day before. There are many, many more stories. As a non religious person, I am suddenly inclined to think these are not coincidences.

As a respite from the television, the radio, and being outside where the air turns acrid everytime the wind shifts, I have been reading my archives that have backed up over the last week. The distraction is comforting.

I already knew Kwek Leong was an exceptional person (thanx again for the Xmas moss!), to him and everyone else that have voiced their support from all over the world, you can't imagine how touching it is.

I still love NYC and *$!* if I'll be moving anytime soon!

-Deirdre, who sadly, now has trouble recognizing her own skyline

I apologize if I'm also off topic... my first contribution and it has nothing to do with plants!

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