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Another Vendor rises...

I would like to take a moment in thanking Greg Morin of Seachem for taking
the time to make sure his customers continue to respect the Seachem brand.

I bought a Seachem FE test kit at a LFS last month and asked the list
questions about some real funny readings I was getting with this kit. Greg
contacted me off line and not only shipped me new reagent, but was concerned
enough to track down where the aged kit I got was being distributed.
Covering me was enough to please me, but going the extra step to contact the
LFS to make sure no one else received out of date re-agents is a sign of a
vendor going above and beyond the call.

5 Stars ("*****") for Seachem and Greg (and thanks for not suing me ;)   )

- Jeff

p.s., another great ("*****") vendor that I have had excellent CS from is AH
Supply. Two vendors that will maintain my dedicated repeat business.