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Thank You Loh Kwek Leong

Thank you sir for your estimate of American staying power. This is the
first time we have had a major terriosts attack but I agree with you we
will retaliate and we will win. We have in the past never lost a war and I
know that this sounds arrouragant, but we never will !  I am one American
that is very, very angry about what the cowards have done to us and I know
I speak for the majority. We will fight back and we will win. Someone has
declared war against us and that's the worst thing they could have done. We
as a country are angry. We and many countries around the world are tired of
the terrorists. We will exterminate them !

Thank You for your post and sorry for my anger.


***********ORIGINAL  MESSAGE ***********

>Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 20:41:18 +0800
>From: Loh Kwek Leong <timebomb at pacific_net.sg>
>Subject: It has to be America
>An American friend sent me a message, part of which is quoted above.
>On the morning after, the headline in the main paper here in Singapore
>"Terrorists bring US to its knees" which seem to imply that what my
>friend said above was true - that the invincibility which is usually
>accorded to
>America by smaller nations like my own has now been shattered.
>I can't speak for all Singaporeans.  I'm just an ordinary citizen here.
>What I am going to say may not be representative of the general opinion
>I've never stepped on American soil and have only met one American in my
>life but speaking as someone who follows world events closely, I like to
>If there's any country on this planet that can pick itself up from a
>tragedy like what happened in New York 2 days ago and emerged as a
>nation, ............
>If there's any country in this world that has the spirit not to bow to
>senseless acts
>of terrorism like what we saw in Lower Manhattan but continue to act as a
>of freedom for other nations, ............
>If there's any country on Planet Earth that can pull itself together after
>a crippling
>setback like the destruction that has happened on Wall Street, bring
>criminals to justice and make the world a better place, .......
>It has to be America.
>Keep your chins up, my friends.  Don't let this get you down.
>Loh K L
>PS* To the listmom: I promise to talk only about aquatic plants when I
>my next post.  Thanks for being so tolerant.