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Shrimp, pH & other factors

I don't know what other factors may have a bearing on
the survivability of the shrimp. Our water is 7.2-7.4
from the tap, I usually add some peat extract for the
bettas and killies as they profit from this. Plants
are usually hornwort, milfoil, green cabomba and S
asiatica (all natives/found in canal or paddy plants)
i usually place shrimp in the situation as soon as I
have a good green water/algae bloom going and feed
sparingly. Usually with several weeks I can see
nauplii and small versions of the adults within a

I hope this helps.

Tokyo Japan

Doug Karpa-Wilson" <dkarpawi at indiana_edu> wrote:
> I know Ed mentioned that he uses RO water, but I was
wondering if 
Edward and
> KL happen to have neutral-alkaline water with some
hardness, since 
> never been able to keep shrimp all that long which
I've attributed to 
> very soft acid water (no calcium for
shells/molting).  Perhaps 
> something else going on?

Correct me if I'm wrong here, but aren't the
exoskeletons of shrimp
primarily composed of chitin which I know is a
polysaccharide.  Not much to do with calcium like
snail shells.

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