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Re: Siamese Algae Eaters

>>My LFS has some supposed SAEs that don't look like the standard I am used
These have a stripe that runs thru to the tail, but the base color is brown,
and the upper part of their body has a goldish stripe on either sede that
runs the length of their body.

Are there different flavors of true SAEs, or did I just describe a Thai
Flying Fox or something? I've had SAEs ever since I started keeping planted
tanks, and have only seen one kind so far. Thanks for your help.
Dave (the other Dave G)<<

Sounds like you may have the false SAEs. Wait'll they get older and I bet
you'll see some red around their mouths and some distinct yellow markings in
all their fins. Also, does the black stripe continue into the tail?  I've
got 3 of these guys. They do eat algae when they're young, but they don't
eat the BBA the SAEs are noted for. When they get older they seem to become
partial to fish food only. If you're unable to find true SAEs, check out
www.aquariumfish.net. They're reasonable and they don't have a minimum
order. They charge a flat 19.75 for shipping next day USPS. They also carry
amano shrimp at the same expensive price as everyone else. The ghost shrimp
are dirt cheap, though.

Finally, carefully check every LFS you visit. I've found a couple of true
SAEs this way, always at shops where they don't even know what they are.
Maybe they come in with the CAEs, because they didn't even sell flying
foxes. The last one I bought the kid insisted it was a "cory" and gave it to
me for $2.49. Who am I to argue?