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Flourite and Onyx sand

I'm looking for a catalog/online supplier for the best price for Seachem
Flourite and Onyx sand so I'd like your suggestions.
I have a 75 and a 65 (same 18" x 48 " footprint) that I want to fill with
each product.  Once I get prices I'll certainly compare LFS and wholesale
prices but in the past these haven't even been close.  Naturally I'll check
out shipping charges too.

For those of you that are using these products how much do I need?  864 sq
inches divided by the recommended 31 = 27.9 kg or 4 bags for a 2 inch depth.
Shouldn't I really be pushing that depth to something closer to 3 inches or
6 bags for 1 tank?

I didn't see any recommendations for Onyx sand amounts.  (Saw this in PAM -
cheap plug - nice mag).  Should I go with the same amount?  If the bed is a
little smaller in the 65 it won't bother me too much or should I be striving
for a shallower bed when using such a small size gravel?  I don't think I've
heard any negative comments on Flourite except for the expense.  I think I
remember a higher initial KH with the Onyx sand.  With a 3 KH starting point
with my water that won't be totally unwelcome.  Any positive or especially
negative comments on Onyx sand would be appreciated.  If the stuff wasn't so
darn expensive I'd be setting up the 2 more sister tanks in the same manner.
Any cory people want to comment, is this stuff too sharp on their whiskers?

Gary Lange
gwlange at mindspring_com