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RE: SAE pics

> One of the things that I found of great help when first joining the
> list was references to Siamese Algae Eaters.  I'd never heard of them
> and the addition to my tank was a revolution - once I was able to
> identify them and find them in a local shop.
> Unfortunately the pictures I was able to turn up weren't that big, or
> showed a lot of detail.  Maybe its my tired old eyes.
> In any case, I've put up a couple of 1024x768 pictures of my SAEs. 
> Note the jagged edge to the black stripe (which differentiates them
> from Flying Foxes) and the black stripe extending through the tail
> (which differentiates them from False SAEs).
> Enjoy!
>  http://steammachine.com/aqua/3_sae.jpg
>  http://steammachine.com/aqua/4_sae.jpg
> It took 55 photos to get those two shots - they'll rest happily on a
> leaf while I peer at them from 2 inches away, but bring the camera near
> the tank and they become high speed showoffs.

Did you use a digital camera ? Else it can get pretty expensive :)

Take a look at my old SAE pictures

Just click the pictures.

With many Thanks

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