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Re: bladder wort

I would like to echo Tom's warning about Utricularia
gibba.  DO NOT put this plant in any tank where you
don't have total control over it.  It intertwines with
everything and makes a big mess.  Grows like lightning
too.  To be avoided at all costs.  

It took me a very long time and much effort to get rid
of it.  I think it's actually worse than algae because
you can't control it with proper tank maintenance or
herbivores.  Only manual removal.

It's the stuff that's a very thin light green stem
with extremely small leaves that look like little
spikes and small capture bladders.  There is a photo
in Baensch Atlas 1.  Curiously, the book mentions that
because of its small size, it is good for breeding
tanks.  I wouldn't say that at all.  I don't know if
it could capture fry or not (maybe tetra fry, which
are nearly microscopic when first born), but it will
definitely compete with them for microfauna, which
isn't so good.  



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